Wednesday, July 2

Wednesday Wonders

Helping you get over the hump, here's some link love for you.
  • 14 ways to super-charge your brain: Helping you maintain interest and keep your brain active. I found these tips both interesting and helpful. I'm glad I like almonds!
  • Prada People: A lovely fashion blog with this season's runway highlights. 
  • The Secret World of Haute Couture: I saw this on PBS (I know, I'm quite cool) and I found it terribly interesting. I'm never going to take part in that world, but I love learning about it!
  • Think Simple Now: Great tips for breaking through writer's block! Or any creativity block.

1 comment:

CoutureCarrie said...

That BBC Secret World bit is awesome! I just read in the Times today that there are some women who purchase as many as 35 pieces of couture each season - can you imagine???