Saturday, July 5

Designer of Note: Joodito

As you are by now well aware, I enjoy shopping through Etsy. I have multiple favorite designers (account DolletteMarie) and one I'd like to bring to your attention today is Joodito. Her garments are beautifully constructed with technique I one day wish to emulate. Plus she creates hoodies, which, to  a humble skirt maker, seems like the most difficult thing in the world. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love the diagonal zippers, lopsided pockets, stiff collars and clever seams. Hope you enjoy these pieces!

Wednesday, July 2

Wednesday Wonders

Helping you get over the hump, here's some link love for you.
  • 14 ways to super-charge your brain: Helping you maintain interest and keep your brain active. I found these tips both interesting and helpful. I'm glad I like almonds!
  • Prada People: A lovely fashion blog with this season's runway highlights. 
  • The Secret World of Haute Couture: I saw this on PBS (I know, I'm quite cool) and I found it terribly interesting. I'm never going to take part in that world, but I love learning about it!
  • Think Simple Now: Great tips for breaking through writer's block! Or any creativity block.

Tuesday, July 1

Designer of Note: Supayana

I figured it was time for another one of my designer of note articles. Todays designer is the lovely Yana of Supayana. She does a lot of reconstruction as well as sewing from scratch. Her store is run through Etsy, which makes it extra cool in my book. Her garments always look neat and easy to wear. Here are a few examples!

I would have added more but I figured you might as well see for yourself. I'm very big into reconstruction lately, probably because I do mostly vintage shopping, and have to "tailor" my clothes anyway. I got started sewing because jeans were always too long for me. Haven't improved too much since, but practice is supposed to make perfect! 

An Ode to Knee-High Socks

Recently I have become enamoured with knee high socks. They look perfect under skirts. True, these from Banana Republic don't go past your knee so you can't pretend they're tights, but I still think they look adorable! They're only $12.50 a piece. I always feel extra dressed up wearing tights, but they can be a pain due to riding up and down.  Knee high stockings remind me of the 1940s and 50s and Casablanca. I love wearing them with heels, even if it's just around my room. Makes everything just that more romantic.

Monday, June 30

Rice and Beans Vintage

Just because I don't have any money or need for shoes doesn't mean I can't look.  So when I stumbled upon Rice and Beans Vintage, my eyes almost fell out from ogling at all the pretty shoes. Here are a few that I had a hard time looking away from:

I always get excited finding vintage designer items. While I doubt I'll ever splurge, it's still fun to look at these old shoes and seeing how classic they are and how so classic a style never seems to change. One item I am keeping an eye out for is an old Missoni sweater. But I doubt I'll ever find one I can afford. Still hope you enjoy shopping!