Saturday, June 21

Transition season already???

One thing you have to love about fashion, is how ahead of the seasons it is. For instance, the store where I work at has already put the majority of it's summer pieces on sale to make room for fall stuff. And it's only June 21st! And as a poor little pauper like me never buys things full price it is quite handy indeed. I'm sure you all "stalk" certain items, well here are things I know will be perfect for fall that I'm drooling over right now.

To me, this dress screams Audrey Hepburn. So comfortable and professional. Almost any accessory would go with it!

This would be perfect for parties! It would go especially well with my red heels. I love this dress because it's unique but oozes sex. My favorite part is that these are full price now (June) so who knows what they'll be come August/September? The only issue is hoping they don't all get snatched up!

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Alice said...

You are so right on about the transition hitting already. I got the most adorable royal blue eyelet dress on clearance at Fossil for a song. Just what I need for that outdoor August wedding!