Sunday, June 22

How to: Steampunk

By now you've probably heard of the steam-punk movement. It's one that I've always aspired to emanate. However it can be daunting to stroll down the street in full victorian garb. The successful way to merge any new style into your wardrobe is to introduce individual pieces. Here are some promising ones I dug up on Etsy:

This skirt is adorable. I don't know why but I love bustles and this design incorporates in the classic vintage look in a modern way. Not to mention the blue tulle work wondrously with the plaid. 

This jacket is gorgeous! The color and the detailing! The high collar and long, slim sleeves recall the style of Victorian dresses with an inspired modern twist. 

This brooch has been peeled right off the pages of a Jules Verne novel. While no one can properly define the look, I adore anything that harkens back to the romantic ages and consider it "steam punk" or just plain awesome. Steam punk can be any modern technology modified to look Verne-ian. Tips for how to modify your own electronics can be found at the Steampunk Workshop. Cheers!


CoutureCarrie said...

Really cool plaid skirt! Very Vivienne Westwood :)

gilda said...

i do like that skirt and brooch!