Tuesday, June 3

This Week's Goals

Beautiful photo courtesy of haibar
  • Drink more water! I've been consuming alarming amounts of caffeine recently. Early Grey tea, coffee, diet coke with lime are the main perpetrators. 
  • Start blog! 
  • Get 5 comments on blog. (Fingers crossed).
  • Finish Villette by Charlotte Bronte, author of my favorite book; Jane Eyre.
  • Sew muslin dress. (I find my clothes come out better when I've practiced making them first.)
  • Borrow camera for articles! Alas I am at a huge disadvantage in the blogosphere in that I do not own a camera. Still, I know many people who do so it shouldn't be a huge obstacle!
What are your goals for this week?


gilda said...

if you're not very good at sewing, sewing first on muslin definitely helps. then you can also decide on what steps should be done first, and you can even out any mistakes before you start working on real fabrics. good luck!

Grace said...

Woot! One step closer to goal #2.

My goals for this week is to organize my new craft room, return stuff to Ulta and Modcloth (been procrastinating on this FOREVER) and read a good book that engages my mind.

Grace said...

I've read Atlas Shrugged! I am a fan of Ayn Rand, fo sho.

I own Vilette but it's packed somewhere. I've never read it, but I plan to! I just moved and I'm not remotely close to unpacking my boxes of books.