Monday, June 2

Look Swimsuit Fit, in one day

Alice Burdeu, one of my favorite models, looking gorgeous for AusNTM.

You don't need to be stick thin to look good in a swim suit, in fact, women with curves fill out swimsuits better. But nobody is perfect, nor do they have the perfect body. So for those days when an swimsuit party catches you unawares, here a few tricks to looking better.
  • Drink H2O and caffeine. If you have a heads up to the swimsuit occasion, make sure you drink a lot of water the day of. Then, about an hour before the event, drink some caffeine (coffee, black tea, soda, etc). The water  helps rinse impurities out of your system and the caffeine dehydrates you, thus flushing out the water, helping you feel trimmer as you lose water weight.
  • Work out. I do about 10 push-ups and 50 sit-ups, but you can do whatever works for you. These exercises tone your muscles and keep them clenched, giving you a fitter appearance for a few hours. 
  • Pick a suit that works with your skin tone. Dark colors don't reflect light, thus making you appear smaller. However this can backfire if you are pale like me (I've been referred to as a glow worm). Pale skin will reflect light, giving the illusion of being a bit larger. So the trick is to find a suit that works well with your coloring without making parts of your body seem disproportionate. One color I've found works well for pale skin is red or purple. 
  • Moisturize! After you've donned your suit, massage moisturizing lotion onto exposed skin. Skin that is hydrated looks healthier and feels firmer.
Now that you've done all you can, enjoy yourself! Confidence draws much more admiration and attention than your appearance ever will. 

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