Friday, June 6

Party planning

Marie Antoinette knew how to have a good time.

Happy Friday to one and all! I hope you have lots of fun planned, but if not, here are a few last minute ideas:
  • Croquet party: Put on your favorite sundress and sandals and get outside to enjoy this posh english past-time. To feel authentic, you may as well serve tea along with mini pastries. (I've done this multiple times, to great success. Sure it sounds lame, but if your friends are good sports, they're sure to have fun!) Rules for playing croquet can be found here.
  • Foreign movie night: Can't travel this summer? Do the next best thing, immerse yourself in another culture for a night. Feeling french? Make crepes with friends and watch a french movie ( I would suggest L'amour, c'est la folie with Audrey Tatou). Do you and your friends speak spanish? Serve tortillas de patatas while you watch Volver or L'auberge espanol. Germany? Watch the Edukators. Japan? Serve sushi and enjoy Wasabi. If you have ideas for other countries/recipes/movies, please tell me!
  • Mystery: This one is fairly simple, and especially fun when the weather isn't treating you well. Start off with a mystery movie or tv series, I would suggest anything with David Suchet playing Hercule Poirot, though for a more comedic mood, Clue is always a classic. Play mafia to continue the theme as guests try to guess who among them has been dealt a murderous card. 
  • Casino: Dress up (or don't) serve mixed drinks (or non-alcoholic versions if you're underaged) and play a slew of fun card games! 
Do you have any other great ideas? Please share! I hope you all have a glorious weekend!

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