Thursday, June 5

Energizing Yourself

This afternoon, after I had finished watching Australia's Next Top Model on Youtube, I felt like rolling onto my stomach and falling asleep. I nearly did, but I remembered I have work in an hour. With Minneapolis weather so dismal and depressing lately, finding energy to do all the things I want to do has become increasingly difficult, so I did a bit of research and figured I'd share my finds with you.
  • Turn on the light! I always keep lights off during the day because I hate wasting energy, but a surefire way to wake yourself up is to turn on a few lights, this alerts your brain that it's day and starts your circadian rhythm. 
  • Eat a big breakfast. Naturally grown foods are best for energizing you. Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta contain a lot of energy. Also, try these foods:
-soy products (yippee! for vegans!)
-citrus fruits/juices
-low fat dairy products 
  • Exercise. Getting your body stretched out and moving helps wake you up and prepare you for the days activities. Here's a yoga routine I found in The Yoga Deck by Olivia Miller. As with all yoga, hold the position however long you want and repeat as often as you desire. (Usually I get through one repetition in 10 minutes.)
  1. Knee Hug: Hug your knees to your chest, or as close as they will get.
  2. Chair: Stand up straight, making sure your posture is good. Then slowly sink down as though you are about to sit in a chair. Go as low as you can and hold.

  3. Mudra: Lace your fingers behind your back and push away from you. Bend over so that your head is between your knees with you arms still outstretched.

  4. Boat: Lie flat on the floor. Raise your legs and torso as far off the ground as you can, arms outstretched in front of your head. Then, keeping yourself up, pull your arms behind you.

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