Wednesday, June 11

DIY Feathered Headbands

Recently I dug out an Urban Outfitters giftcard from the depths of my purse.  It had about $30 on it and while I have stopped shopping there, I would hate for them to earn any money from me so I figured I'd best spend it. I picked out this lovely feathered headband at the exorbitant price of $18, I also snagged a pack of 5 headbands. Now don't get me wrong, I love the look, but it seems pretty easy to replicate. You can pick up some authentic looking feathers at any craft store. Hot glue gun or tape can be used to secure the stems then wrap thread around the base of the feathers to cover up the tape/glue. 

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chloe van paris said...

I totally for it.
It's just a great buy.
And it's suit you very well , evne for the day.